Hope…In The Desert {Launch + Sale!}

For those who know barrenness, waiting, thirst, and longing…

…those who know dry seasons of the soul…

…for the one who’s cup isn’t overflowing like it once did:

God makes a way in the wilderness. He provides rivers in the desert, and breaks up our fallow ground. He is the author of hope in, and through the desert.

I have known such desert seasons more than a few times in my life, and can confidently say there is nothing more satisfying than a parched soul whose thirst is quenched — Jesus alone is our balm and sustainer in those seasons. 

I am grateful and thrilled to share with you the Hope in the Desert 2017 (3-in-1) Calendar.

My prayer for us is this:

That come what may in 2017, whether our current circumstances change or don’t; whether we feel relief or not; whether we experience lush growth or press on in drought, we might hold fast to our HOPE in Christ, the source of living water, himself. 

As with the last year’s Garden of Truth 2016 Calendar, the Hope in the Desert 2017 Calendar is meant to instruct, inspire, and encourage us as we speak to our longings with the truth of God’s Word.

It is designed to be repurposed as (12) 8×10 art prints and (12) scripture memory cards. My desire is for us to find the Word of God beautiful, practical, transformative, and purposeful in our everyday lives. That is my heart behind every piece painted in GraceLaced Shoppe, but especially in our annual calendar. We hope you love this year’s version as much as we do. 



Now thru September 20, receive the entire 12 image Hope In the Desert Lock Screen download set, FREE with calendar purchase. (You will receive an email with FREE coupon code once you’ve purchased a calendar.)

(FYI: With the 20% storewide discount, our already discounted 4-pack bundles are only $120…making the calendars only $30 a piece!)

Take advantage of the 20% entire store on canvases, including brand new Hope In the Desert Canvas offerings…

I hope these verses are a balm to your soul as they are to mine as we break up the fallow ground of disbelief and hardness of heart, and welcome the downpour of sustaining grace that comes only by way of redemption. He is our hope in every season…even in the desert.

Grateful for you all. Press on, friends.

Because of grace,



Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Garden

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know that I’ve had a long-running love affair with air plants and terrariums. It’s hard not to love such low-maintenance plants like air plants and succulents.

I recently added to my collection while in Durango, Colorado. I purchased another hanging terrarium at my favorite shop, Urban Market on Main Street. (You can find a similar one here.)


We drilled a hole into a piece of driftwood to attach the hanging terrarium, much like we did for my caged light pendants from Anthropologie…
Airplants and Hanging Terrariums



I love the look of simply air plants in glass, but you could get so creative with these. I’ve seen beautiful one with pebbles, seashells, and moss. Depending on your climate, air plants can be misted with water a few times a week, or soaked in water and shaken out if thriving in a warmer, drier environment. Air plants don’t need anything but water and oxygen to survive. They love to be within a few feet of a bright window that allows indirect light. A little direct morning light is okay, but you don’t want to burn your plants– indirect bright light is what they really need.

And, as I have yet to finish up my kitchen remodel with some window coverings, I’ve got my sweet hanging air plant terrarium gracing the open window. I have to admit…doing dishes has never felt so serene and special. 🙂 It’s the little details that make me smile. Have a great day!

_DSC0028{I don’t plan on re-opening my etsy shop anytime soon, but having been asked quite a few times, I am considering selling air plant garden arrangements and terrariums for custom orders and requests. Contact me if you are interested in a custom creation. :)}



My “Slice Of Life” and Enviro-Cakes Giveaway

You all know how much I love terrariums, succulents, airplants, and low-maintenance-high-style plants. Well, one of my sweet sister-in-laws noticed my addiction too, and gave me a special gift for Christmas: a terrarium kit from Enviro-Cakes! I loved it so much, I’m sharing it with you today…and offering you an opportunity to win one for yourself!

I think it’s a perfectly clever idea–elegant and simple: a terrarium in a domed cake plate. Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 My thoughtful sis-in-law ordered the kit for me without a cake plate since I already owned one.

I had no idea what it was when I opened the package, but when I saw the instructions, live plants, and everything I needed to make a terrarium….well, I will not lie–I was giddy with excitement.

I know that some of you may not enjoy getting dirt under your fingernails, but I can assure you that ANYONE could do this, and creating a little plantscape on a cake plate is so so fun! The way the kit comes, your terrarium is pretty much foolproof. I know I may be a plant-lover…but really, it was so satisfying. 🙂

You need to try it to believe me? Well, I’m happy to oblige! Enviro-Cakes is giving away one Enviro-Cake Kit with Glass to a GraceLaced reader! Aren’t they generous? That’s a $90 value! I’m so excited for one of you to win this!

Giveaway details:


One Enviro-Cake Kit with Glass

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Giveaway ends on Tuesday, January 17, at 10pm MST.
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Have fun, and good luck!
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DIY Inspiration {Succulents}

Perhaps you tire of all my talk of succulents. I really just can’t help it. Succulents are the perfect houseplants: they require little investment, stay green endlessly, seek minimal attention, multiply enthusiastically, and exude a debonair confidence with little effort. What’s not to love?
Don’t take my word for it…let some others inspire you:

DIY: Succulent Tablescape

DIY: Succulent Wreath

DIY: Succulent Centerpiece

DIY: Brick Succulent Planter/Candle Holder

DIY: Succulent Wall Art

For more succulent inspiration and loveliness, visit my Succulent Love Pinterest Pinboard!

The Power of Cluster

You know I have a thing for succulents. Waxy, green, sculptural plants that require very little work–what’s not to love?

I move my indoor plants around quite regularly; it changes the entire look of a room with very little effort. My most recent table display includes various succulents and airplants, mixed in with clear glass, candles, and a femininely sculpturesque phalaeonopsis for balance. It feels fresh, bold, and a little bit sophisticated.

It may have been Martha Stewart that said that any humble object or flower, when clustered in quantity, becomes luxurious and uncommon. Carnations, baby’s breath, and even grass, can be strong arrangements when used in mass quantities. (I posted a few weeks ago about making extraordinary arrangements out of ordinary cut bouquets if you want some simple ideas.)



So, don’t underestimate the power of clustering! Gathering several like-objects or textures, and grouping them in a charming, or unexpected way, makes for a surprisingly simple tablescape with grand impact…often with no more than a little shopping around your own home. It’s all in the way your look at it.

Little Sweet Succulent


Terrariums are on the brain again as of late. I don’t have the time or the resources to make one quite like I’m imaging in my head, but I gave myself a fix with a a little agave succulent. It takes all of about 10 minutes, including cleanup. I picked up an inexpensive vase, as opposed to a jar with a lid (as you would for a traditional terrarium.) Succulents must remain unenclosed, and are potted in well-drained potting mix. It’s easy…try one!

Here’s what you need:

a clean wide vase
large pebbles or stones
activated charcoal
small succulent plant

Place a layer of rocks in the bottom of the vase, followed by charcoal. Gently remove your succulent from it’s container and shake of excess soil. Lower your plant carefully into the vase, and pot the succulent’s roots within the charcoal. Water lightly, taking care that the roots do not sit in water. There are so many types of succulents available. You may want to make a few, in vases of different heights, and cluster them as a centerpiece display. Low maintenance and oh-so-chic!