Capturing Photos For Business and the Everyday

We hear the encouragement often to “be present” or “be in the moment” and clearly, this digital age has got us all distracted from what’s alive and real, right before us. But as a mama, I long to capture these everyday moments that I have with my boys: the messes we make (and sometimes bemoan) but later wish we had captured in a photo or a picnic at the park; these boys are growing like weeds, and I don’t want to miss a thing.

But sometimes I’m worn out and distracted, and I teeter between freedom and guilt in capturing my everyday life. I love when I catch a candid photo, a moment that truly captures these ordinary but special days, as they truly are. Photos tell a story that our hearts want to remember long after the immediate memory fades.I want to tell the story the Lord has given me, but sometimes the photos don’t reflect that story and I get frustrated. Do you get that way? 

Capturing everyday moments with our families, whether with a DSLR (a “real” camera, i.e. the Nikon D750 I use) or phone, is easier when the tools and logistics are more natural than forced. My friend, Ashley Campbell of Under the Sycamore really embodies this. She truly inspires me to find the #extraordinaryinmyordinary through creatively seeing and capturing my everyday. 

I love that Ashley encourages all of us non-professional photographers to use the tools we have to creatively tell our stories…and to find freedom in it. With the accessibility of excellent cameras in our back pockets these days, we really have every reason to document and capture our point of view.

Ashley recently interviewed me for one of her SnapShop courses, “iPhone & Business.” I don’t have fancy camera crews or professional photographers for my business; I’m simply armed with my iPhone. If you’ve ever wondered about how I shoot my product photos, the interview tells all. 

We’re all trying to live out our callings. We’re all trying to bring praise to what He’s done in our lives by telling our stories. I’m growing in this myself, day by day, and I hope you will too. Let’s not be all or nothing people with photography and capturing our everyday. These are blessed and worthy moments and endeavors we are living, whether in home and business. Let’s find freedom and growth in learning to see better, and capturing what we see with more wonder. I’m grateful that we don’t have to be fancy or amazing to do so.

SnapShop classes for both DSLR and iPhone are available through Ashley’s membership site + community, where you can learn and grow at your own pace.  For $5 per month, you get access to all past lessons, with new content added each month. There is a $50 sign up fee (so worth it – the DSLR class alone used to be $250) but I’ve got a discount for you!

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The Golden Hour {Family Session With Beth Wells}

We’re not the family that gets our photos done annually. I’ve always been either pregnant, or breastfeeding. We either have a newborn, or one of the boys has scraped up his face. There’s always someone in six who hasn’t had a haircut in far too long…or had one that shouldn’t be photographed. 

But, praise God for friends who offer to photograph our motley crew and take us just as we are on a weeknight after supper. Here in New Mexico, the golden hour is especially glorious…that time of night is a sea of warmth to perfectly complement the ever-growing, breathing, changing, living thing that we call family.  Don’t wait for perfect…that’s not what you want to remember anyway. Bandaged up, messy hair, weighty hearts….sometimes they are more worth capturing than you may think. The golden hour casts a glow upon all that may have felt harsh or unpleasant at another time in another season. So it is with photography…I’m grateful to have these reminders of the sweetest glow we can remember of this moment in time in this slice of the story of us.

Grateful for our photo session with the talented Beth Wells of Lizanne Photography. Beth travels throughout the Southwest to capture weddings, engagements and family sessions in exquisite locations. Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Beth captures both landscape and nuances of relationship. I’m grateful she spent some time recently capturing our crew. 

Follow Beth on Instagram here and here for inspiration, and book a session with her here

Capturing and Remembering The Ordinary {Liz Anne Photography Lifestyle Session}

I recently had the pleasure of meeting, Beth Wells, the talented New Mexico based photographer behind Liz Anne Photography. I’ve long admired her work with weddings and engagement sessions, and find both her business feed and personal Instagram feed to be simply breathtaking.

I was thrilled when she offered to come to my house to photograph my family…as we are…in our own element. I love this concept.

It is no secret that I’m a bit of a recovering perfectionist. I’ve let expectations and “not quite good enough” rob me of many an opportunity, with the promise of what could or should be:

I’m not at my ideal weight. The house isn’t how I want it yet. The kids should be older. My hair hasn’t grown out yet.

If we’re looking for them, there are so many reasons to put off unique experiences and opportunities, and so many excuses to not get in front of the camera with our kids, just as we are, right now. 

We brushed our hair and got dressed, but otherwise, Beth came over on a normal morning at breakfast time. Troy made breakfast, the boys drew and colored at the island, Liam made me coffee, and I did a little painting. I wish she could have been with us all day. After seeing these sweet photos, I can think of a million other ordinary moments I now want captured: Moments I take for granted, everyday routines that I will miss someday.

Someday…the eight of us will not try to remember a perfect version of ourselves, but how we really were, in all our awkward, chaotic glory. I think I will treasure these lifestyle photos (and all the everyday pics I snap, though less lovely) perhaps more so than the perfectly styled photos we can never seem to quite achieve or live up to. 

The present is fleeting, friends. I’m grateful for the privilege of capturing the moments we so often overlook…to treasure for a lifetime.

Visit Liz Anne Photography gallery to view more of our session or to contact Beth for your own session. 

Liz Anne Photography will travel and is offering $50 off a Lifestyle Session! (Mention “GraceLaced” when you book your session!)

Memory Keeping Made Easy {Rendi Review and Giveaway}

Sometimes, when the dishes are done and the kids are miraculously enjoying a book together…and your kitchen counter is cleared off enough to bake a few dozen cookies, you step back and realize that you are making memories with your kids. Memories you want to remember — over and above the challenges of the tantrums and sleepless nights. They are the memories you want to keep before you, to remind you that even in the midst of the most stretching circumstances, life is filled with moments you’ll never want to forget.

And for us moms, those moments come and go, quickly passing us by and rarely making it to our cameras, scrapbooks, or photo albums. That’s why I was excited to learn about Rendi, “a fun new company helping you capture, celebrate and archive your story by combining your phone and FB photos w/ your words on photo frames & signs.” It’s an innovative and fun product + app that simplifies capturing and storytelling your most special memories! When the folks at Rendi contacted me to review their 6-Tag Storyboard, I was thrilled and eager to try it out. 

Here’s what I love about Rendi:

1) Rendi is super simple to use! Simply order and design a storyboard online, along with prepaid tags, and you’re ready to go. Rendi conveniently offers an app for your smart phone that allows you to upload a photo and have it customized as a tag for your storyboard in a matter of minutes. With a press of a button, your tags are automatically produced and sent to your mailbox. Nothing could be simpler…you can finally be present with your family AND capture memories at the same time.

2) Rendi is fully customizeable. You can choose color, font, style, and record your own thoughts on each and every tag you create. Each picture you create a tag for can be immediately captured with the time, date, location, and memory you don’t want to forget…right on the tag, if you choose.

3) Rendi is a creative display. Rendi storyboards come with hooks that hold multiple, sturdy photo tags, and a beautiful linen covered keepsake box to house any tags you don’t choose to display. 

I chose to create a storyboard with six hooks, one for each of my boys. I also ordered additional tags to showcase some of our favorite summer vacation memories. The boys had a great time reading and reminiscing with each tag, and placing them onto the board. Wouldn’t it be fun to have tags for various seasons and occasions that the kids can switch out periodically? With a Rendi Storyboard display, photos are always at the ready for conversation, enjoyment, and reminiscing together.

The generous folks at Rendi are giving away a 3-Tag Storyboard Starter Kit!

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Happy memory keeping, friends!

This post was sponsored by Rendi, and I was given product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. 

Behind The Scenes

So, I thought you might be amused to see my *mad* multitasking skills at work during the little photo shoot I shared about yesterday. 🙂 

It might look like I’m sweating and wrestling with a squirmy, sleepy 5 month old. You would be right!

Babies don’t always do as you plan or do as you hope…but come what may, inconveniences included, there are few things worth celebrating as much as our little ones.