Holiday Launch 2016 + Sale

This season doesn’t have to usher in busyness in our hearts even if it seems that way on our calendars. The holiday season…our celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas, are opportunities for us to remember the joy of God’s provisions, beginning with the ultimate gift of salvation through Christ coming to abide with us.

Today, we launch Holiday 2016 in GraceLaced Shoppe, with new Thanksgiving and Christmas prints, canvases, Christmas cards, and a new journal. Here are this year’s offerings…


Our Thanksgiving designs are all about gratitude and praise, in all circumstances, to the One who is worthy…

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For Christmas we invite you to join us in celebrating the birth of our Savior. The JOY we long for in this live is made possible because Christ came to ABIDE with us. We celebrate and REJOICE in a risen Christ. It’s for this joy that we TELL others, far and wide, of the hope of the gospel.

Abide With Us
Abide With Us


Finally, our favorite product all year: Hope In the Desert 2017 Calendar, created to help us to memorize scripture with 12 repurpose-able scripture memory cards and 8×10 art prints. Buy a single calendar for yourself or a discounted 4-pack to divide up and give as gifts to your family and friends. (With this week’s additional 20% sale, each calendar in the 4-pack ends up being just $30 apiece!)


Enjoy 20% off all “Holiday” category items in the Shoppe with code: BEATTHERUSH.

The sale ends at 11:59pm MDT, Sunday, October 30.

(P.S. If you are already a subscriber, be sure to open the email you received in your inbox this morning for a little free gift from us!)

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Grateful for all of you who celebrate each season with my artwork. To Him be all glory.

Because of grace,



Thanks, On The Shores of Grace.

Have you ever considered…

Every blessing we give thanks for seems to have an equally tender lesson in trust, loss, hope, and sanctification as its context? The way of thanks is paved with a million little moments of doubt, fear, or thanklessness, but we often forget that it’s so. Our ability to give thanks and praise is because our faithful God turns our hearts to himself. He causes us to not be satisfied with the kind of answers we alone can give or provide. He makes us to long for Him…and then He gives himself to us. 

And so, when we give thanks…we are really saying, “Thank you, Lord, for allowing my heart to see the way you’ve accomplished your purposes in my life.”

Where would we be without thanks? We’d be looking at life through our own limited and finite perspective. Thanks is the praise we were created for…that He enables us to.

And so, I give thanks, Lord:

  • For my wonderful husband…and for how much harder marriage is than I ever thought it’d be, because it keeps me loving You.
  • For my six boys…and for daily challenge of patience, kindness, and striving to be a wiser parent, because the struggle makes me remember I’m a child of the King.
  • For two amazing years at GraceLaced Shoppe…and for the seasons of doubt and learning, because I’ve continually learned that it all belongs to You.
  • For my dear friends…and for the loss of one of the sweetest in my life, because I’m reminded that life is a breath and to love well is a gift in itself.
  • For the many professional opportunities that lie ahead…and for the years of wandering in the desert of not knowing how the Lord would ever use my giftings, because they now serve Him and not myself.

So many more come to mind…but do you see? Every blessing I could count reminds me that the joys are sweet on account of the heartaches and challenges that have washed me onto the shores of Grace. 

Thanksgiving turns our heads to see how far we’ve come and how faithful He is in leading us. And the beautiful thing is that: wherever you are on the journey, there is always room to look both ways and give thanks to the One who is worthy of praise.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, friends!

To celebrate both the wonderful growth of the shoppe as well as the holiday shopping season, GraceLaced Shoppe is offering THE BEST deals we’ve ever given, this Black Friday weekend! 

Here are the details…


ON Friday, November 27

  • 5 – 8AM (MT): 35% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE.

  • 8 – 11AM (MT): 30% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE.

  • 11AM – 2PM (MT): 25% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE.

  • 2PM Friday thru midnight on Sunday, November 29 (MT):
    20% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE.

*All orders between 5-8AM (MT) will include a FREE 5×7 bonus print (randomly selected)

*Plus, every order $75 or over will include a FREE “The Newborn King” print…

Be sure to take advantage of the bundle pricing already at a discount on calendars and multi-pack Christmas prints! (The Black Friday discounts are on top of the bundle pricing!!)

Visit GraceLaced Shoppe here!

Because of grace,


New Christmas Prints To Turn Our Eyes + SALE!

Christ didn’t come to simply comfort and console…he came, born as a babe, with the Cross in view, to do the seemingly impossible…what we couldn’t do on our own: be reconciled to a Holy God. He came in humility, as a helpless baby…to not wield his right to the throne, but to yield his will to the Father’s unfolding plan. Jesus would rescue the hearts of men who didn’t know they needed rescuing, by a man they didn’t believe could rescue them.

…All because God purposed to redeem and restore according to his will, not man’s wisdom…because He is glorified in making the weak strong, the worthless worthy, the helpless able, and the outcast loved deeply. I could think on that every day of the year and still not grasp the magnitude of Emmanuel, God with us. 

This is what’s been on my mind this year as we release two new Christmas prints for 2015…

It’s a busy time of year for us at GraceLaced Shoppe. This week, I’ll be traveling to South Carolina to speak at Allume Conference, where we will also have a table. It’s a joy for me to meet you all, so if you see me at a conference, please do stop by and say hello. 🙂 The GraceLaced Team has grown and we are still learning our stride as we come up on completing two full years of being in business. What a ride this has been!

We’ve recently sent out our 6000th order here from the studio and I couldn’t be more grateful and honored. What a surprise to see the Lord use my hand and a brush in this way. I’m just humbled to be a part of what He’s doing. And really…he’s doing quite a bit. There are lots of things going on around here that I’m eager to share about in time. 

It’s been my heart, this Fall, to offer prints and products that turn our eyes to Jesus and to the power of His Word. 

This year’s two new additions to GraceLaced Shoppe Christmas Store both seek to remind us of why Jesus came to earth and where we really find hope and comfort. Some of our favorites from last year also return this Christmas, so I it’s our prayer that you be blessed by them…and turn your eyes to what His birth, life, death, and resurrection means for you, today…

And this painting, though not Christmas related, is dear to my heart and included in this release with hopes of being a blessing…

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We’ve also added some Gift Sets with journal and notecard sets in two of our most encouraging prints…

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And you may have heard…we all but entirely sold out of our first ambitious shipment of the Garden Of Truth Calendars within the first week of releasing them last month! We’ve now received our final shipment of them, so we are re-releasing them with this sale as well. Don’t hesitate if you want one, for yourself and a friend! The heart behind this calendar is to bless with a 3-in-1 reusable piece of art that encourages us to hide God’s Word in our hearts….all year long!

In celebration of the new releases, we are offering 15% off:

  • ALL CHRISTMAS 2014 AND NEW CHRISTMAS 2015 prints and products

  • All new releases

  • Garden of Truth Calendar

  • Gift Sets


Offer good through 11:59 pm MT, October 18, 2015.


As always, thank you for the privilege of encouraging you through this corner of words and artwork. You are a blessing to me!

Because of grace,

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On Turning 40

Forty was always off in the distance: The Land of Grown-Ups. Even when honoring Troy turning 40 two years ago, my day seemed sooo far off in the future.

And here I am, on the eve of what I have always imagined to be a wiser, stronger, better, calmer me. In some ways, those things are true in my life…I do feel more assured, less chaotic, more settled, and better equipped than I have ever felt, but I’ve also found the dawn of my 40s accompanying more unknowns, heartaches, sin-fighting, and grace-giving than I’d ever imagined. 

I think when you’re younger, you hope that time and diligence will bring about refinement that makes living easier. But the older I get, the more I’m thinking it’s actually that the refining work of Christ in our lives makes us need easy living, less. The aim is no longer to arrive at a place of less difficulty (with ourselves or our circumstances), but rather to handle ourselves and our circumstances in difficulty with Christ-wardness. The question at 40 is not WHAT I will do with my life, but HOW I will do what He’s given me to do.

Our pastor preached out of 2 Samuel 7 today, as David prays according to God’s sovereign anointing and greatness in and through David’s life. I couldn’t help but hear this verse with a grateful heart as I turn the corner on four decades of life.

Then King David went in and sat before the LORD and said, “Who am I, O Lord GOD, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far?

— 2 Samuel 7:18

It’s just another day, and though nothing physically changes, the heart knows that 40 years of breath is no small miracle. The Lord has done great things…and who am I that he would bring me this far? 

Because of His glory and for His praise…I have been given the number of my days. Lord, help me to see them accurately, steward them well, and run the race with my eyes wide open. Thank you for these 40 years.

We are celebrating my birthday at GraceLaced Shoppe!

*All orders placed on my birthday, October 5, will receive a FREE special edition 5×7 print of “Live A Quiet Life,” a verse I hold as a pursuit of my heart.

*I’ve teamed up with amazing companies all week long for daily giveaways for Ruth’s Fab 40 Giveaway Week on Instagram! Be sure to check in daily over there, and join in the fun. I’ll be giving away a $40 store credit EACH DAY to GraceLaced Shoppe along with some amazing goodies! Come back on Friday to the blog, where I’ll highlight each collaborating company…you’ll have a chance to enter until giveaways close on Sunday night, October 11. 

Thanks for celebrating with me and for your sweet support of GraceLaced. I’m so grateful.

Because of grace,

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A Garden of Truth for 2016

I’m slow to learn and hard of hearing…and sometimes hard of heart.

There are 365 days in a year, and 365 days of the year you will find me fighting to keep Truth at the forefront of my mind and in the pliable part of my heart. It’s not just about waging war on sin, it’s about setting our minds on things above as a means for battle. 

I have to continually pull up the weeds that I hope to replace with a garden of truth.

That’s the heart behind the debut of what I hope to be an annual Garden of Truth calendar in GraceLaced Shoppe.  The calendar, which releases today, was designed to 3-in-1, with 12 repurpose-able 8×10 prints, and 12 coordinating scripture memory cards. I wanted to offer the kind of calendar that would draw you in with beauty but would anchor you to truth….all year long. 

Each month is adorned with a flower that blooms during that time of year + a portion of a verse of Truth that is worthy of rehearsing over and over again. The full verse is located beneath the print, so you can easily read it and remind yourself throughout the month. 

You may want to make it a verse to memorize all month long, as a family or with a friend. Once the month is over, you can follow the instructions and cut the page of the month out as a separate print + scripture memory card. I’ve also created a set of 12 lock screen downloads that coordinate with the calendar so that you can have access to your yearlong garden of truths everywhere you go…

To celebrate the calendar release, I’m running a SALE and PROMO through Sunday, September 20!

Take 20% off entire shoppe, including ALL new releases! Use code: TRUTH20


Every order with a calendar purchase, now through Sunday, will receive an emailed coupon code for a FREE download of the Garden of Truth Lock Screen Set!

(both offers last thru 9/20/15, 11:59 MT)

As always, I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my artwork with you. I’m grateful that He’s chosen to use words and brush offered from this place as a means of encouragement. May His Word richly dwell within us and spur us on in both hard and fertile soil. 

Because of grace,

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Christmas In July {Reminders + New Releases + SALE!}

Somewhere in the middle of summer — when the gumption of the new year fades and the yet to come looms before — is when I need a reframing of my mind and realignment of my heart. “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,” dims amidst the din of concerns and the unexpected turns of a year. We must preach truth to our own hearts if we are to keep singing the song of hope all year long.

It’s with that mid-year desire to refuel our souls with what we know to be true, but so quickly forget…that I bring you the new prints to GraceLaced Shoppe

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In celebration, our Christmas In July Sale begins Now thru Sunday night. Take 25% off the entire shoppe + new releases + Christmas 2014 + already marked down closeout prints…


(SALE ENDS July 26, 11:59pm MT.)

Also, prints marked down in the shoppe are closeout deals, not to return to GraceLaced Shoppe…so hurry while inventory lasts!

I’m so grateful for your continued love and support for GraceLaced Shoppe! May our hearts be encouraged and Christ be honored.

Because of grace,

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Honoring Manhood, Fathers, and Family {Father’s Day at GraceLaced Shoppe}

Dwight L. Moody once said, “The world has yet to see what God will do with, and for, and through, and in, and by the man who is fully and wholly consecrated to him.”

There are no perfect fathers, no perfect husbands, and certainly no one who perfectly loves our great God. But praise God, that’s never been the goal: us getting it right. 

We can honor dads and fatherhood…not because there’s a perfect one among them, but because God does immeasurably more than we ask or imagine through simple men who offer contrite hearts to their God.

I asked recently on Instagram:

What did you learn from your dad by simply spending time with him? 

The responses were inspiring to read. They reminded me that in spite of all that we wished and hoped for in our dads, by God’s grace, and through his redemptive purposes in our lives: God allow us to see the beautiful and wonderful things in fatherhood…in our own fathers.

God isn’t calling heroic fathers; he’s calling humble ones. And frankly, from all that you all shared of your memories with your dads….the lessons they passed on when they didn’t know they had anything special to offer…were the most inspiring. 

These new prints released in GraceLaced Shoppe reflect my heart for family and fatherhood. I hope you all are blessed by these and can pass the blessing on to those who need the encouragement to press on.

The family crest is now a print that can be personalized for your own family…per

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To celebrate the launch of GraceLaced Father’s Day prints, I’m running a sale and promotion for one week only…

That freebie mini 5″x5″ print? It’s my new favorite G.K. Chesterton quote…because manhood, leadership, bravery, and wisdom doesn’t just show up one day because you all of a sudden have use for it. It is trained daily in the unseen, mundane tasks of every day life. That gives me hope as a parent, and I pray it does you.

Press on mothers and fathers: You are doing an precious work…by Him, through Him, and for Christ alone. 

Because of grace,

I’m so honored that you are here. If you enjoy this blog and would like new posts to come directly to your inbox, I invite you to subscribe to GraceLaced by email.